Saturday, October 29, 2011

Security Points

The first point, about the security of my web site, is that Active Math Java is a test bed for code developed for the Rasch-ItemBank open source project. It is intended as a free resource for use by any child anywhere in the world with access to a computer connected to the Internet and running Java.

So the purpose of my login page is not to secure a web resource for which users pay money. Nor is it like a forum, where the login page protects the forum from spammers. It is simply there for the convenience of certain users who have requested the ability to track the performance of their children.

The second point, about the security of web sites in general, is that secure pages usually include a server side script, such as PHP, and if security is desired, all the pages have to be in the same or compatible format.

Using PHP has some advantages, besides security, such as retaining variables across pages, within sessions.

I have enjoyed writing business rules in JavaScript, for a mock login page and a mock add user page, because I have never liked JavaScript, and I enjoyed getting something to work with it. However, I am now resigned to rewriting everything in PHP, not for security, but for the convenience of retaining and passing variables about the place.

Oh boy am I glad this is a blog about learning Java and related languages and not a formal lesson. If it were a formal lesson, any readers might be really pissed off by now, because I have done about 3 180 degree turns.

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