Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Posting Source Code

CollabNet Subversion turns out not to be quite so hard to learn as I expected.

I had set out with a fundamental misconception, believing I needed to set up the server on my end as well.

When I realised that Sun had already done all that work for me at their end, and that I simply had to use the client to post code on their server, and that I could edit the local files with whatever I wanted at my end, it all became much clearer to me.

Furthermore, Sun even provided the URL for my project on their server together with the syntax for the checkout command.

It was pretty easy to combine the URL in this example with the import command given in the book to post my source code in the project. I say pretty easy; there was a bit of fiddling around. The checkout command includes a local path to which files should be copied, and obviously that is not needed for the import (which term from my perspective really means export or post), and the -m switch/parameter needed to be filled with a comment.

But at the end of the day, a first draft of my code is posted, and I feel much better.

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